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We look for collaborations with Columbia-affiliated faculty and pupils who would like to ask questions that are new play during the boundaries of presently canonized industries, available brand brand new paths of inquiry, explore revolutionary methods, and bring new and usually underrepresented voices into conversation.

Al-?Usur al-Wusta

Middle East Medievalists (MEM) is a global professional non-profit relationship of scholars enthusiastic about the analysis of this Islamic lands regarding the Center East through the period that is medievaldefined roughly as 500-1500 C.E.). MEM formally had become on 15 November 1989 at its very very first yearly conference, held in Toronto. It really is a non-profit organization integrated when you look at the state of Illinois. MEM has two main objectives: to boost the representation of medieval scholarship at scholarly meetings in the united states and elsewhere by co-sponsoring panels; and also to foster communication among people and companies with an intention into the research of this Middle that is medieval East. As an element of its work to market scholarship review and enhance communication among its members, MEM publishes al-?U?ur al-Wus?a (The Journal of Middle East Medievalists).

Science and Tech Law Review

The Columbia Science and tech Law Review (STLR) relates to the exciting legalities surrounding technology and technology, like the online, biotechnology, nanotechnology, telecommunications, and also the implications of technical improvements on old-fashioned appropriate industries such as for example agreements, proof, and income tax. Current articles have actually talked about the increase of facial recognition technology in culture plus in police force, proposals for reclaiming federal range, the proliferation of “drone” aircraft, robust notice and informed consent in spyware legislation, and whether unlawful defendants ought to be allowed to provide hereditary proof of a predisposition to psychopathy.

New Voices in Digital Publishing

Waxing Moon

Waxing Moon is a yearly, peer-reviewed log hosted by the Centre for Digital Research and Scholarship at Columbia University. Interdisciplinary and transregional in range, our log is focused on all aspects of Tibetan and Himalayan Studies such as the natural and social sciences, the humanities, and also the imaginative arts.

The Op-Ed

Columbia Business Law Review

Columbia Journal of Tax Law

The Columbia Journal of Tax Law provides a required forum for academics, practitioners, and policymakers to explore tips in taxation legislation and policy. The Journal aims to bridge the globes of both concept and training. Our commentary section, Tax issues, features perspectives that are current income tax professionals.

Columbia Journal of Ecological Law

The Columbia Journal of Environmental Law had been started in 1972 by having a grant from the Ford Foundation. The Journal is amongst the earliest law that is environmental into the country and it is viewed as one of many preeminent ecological journals in the united states. Our customers consist of legislation libraries, lawyers, people, and federal, neighborhood, and state courts, in addition to a significant international readership.

The Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts

The Columbia Journal of Law & the Arts is just a quarterly, student-edited book focused on up-to-date and in-depth coverage of legalities concerning the art, activity, activities, intellectual home, and communications companies. Created in 1975, the Journal is certainly one for the periodicals that are most-cited to arts legislation problems and features contributions by scholars, judges, professionals, and pupils.

Journal of Mathematics Education at Teachers University

Columbia Journal of Asian Law

The Columbia Journal of Asian Law (CJAL) welcomes historic, relative, and manuscripts that are multi-disciplinary legalities in Asia in addition to documents or records examining the effect of quickly changing appropriate regimes on certain regions of training.

Columbia Journal of Gender and Law

CJGL is published and edited completely by pupils in the Columbia University class of Law. The Journal publishes interdisciplinary works rooted in feminist inquiry with all the goal of marketing discussion, debate, and understanding that may broaden the really idea of feminism as you that critically engages diverse types of social hierarchy and energy differentials and their reference to what the law states.

Columbia Journal of Race and Law

The objective for the Columbia Journal of Race and Law (CJRL) will be begin a dialogue on historic and modern notions of socio-political and appropriate challenges facing racial and cultural minorities. We desire to embrace the continuous need for prioritizing this discourse as a method of better understanding modern dilemmas, as well as getting into brand new paths for social progress.

The Mornings

The Morningside Review is an online log posted by the Undergraduate Writing Program at Columbia University. It features excellent essays written by first-year undergraduates within the Core Curriculum program, University Writing. A huge selection of students voluntarily submit their essays to TMR for feasible book and roughly ten are opted for every year by an editorial advisory board made up of University composing teachers. Because these essays act as vivid examples of peer work, they truly are commonly assigned in University Writing. Hence, Columbia University pupils can make their imprint on University composing even after the course has been completed by them.

Studies in Applied Linguistics and TESOL

Studies in used Linguistics & TESOL (SALT) is an open-access log committed to building a residential area and facilitating conversations between pupils, teachers, and professionals in used Linguistics and TESOL globally through the book of quality empirical research, reviews of literary works, and interviews with leading scholars on the go.

Columbia Personal Perform Review

The Columbia Social Perform Review is a yearly peer-reviewed log that publishes articles by scholars and graduate pupils in neuro-scientific social work.

The Journal of Clinical Education in Bodily Therapy

Black Theology Papers Project

Consilience Submissions Platform

Consilience is a journal that is online to marketing interdisciplinary discussion on sustainable development. This log is designed to create pupils, scientists, professors, and practitioners from a number of procedures and geographic areas in direct discussion with one another through an on-line, academically rigorous medium. We desire to encourage a community that is global think more broadly, completely, and analytically about sustainable development.

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Tiny Axe Submissions Platform

“If you will be a huge tree, our company is a little axe.” therefore goes A jamaican proverb, famously popularized by Bob Marley. It really is a proverb with wide resonance that is caribbean a “small axe” is just a subaltern agency of criticism. The inspiring ethos that notifies this idea is the fact that reasonably marginal sounds of imagination and dissent might have disproportionate critical results at the least insofar because they stay responsive and attuned into the changing contexts of y our Caribbean life when you look at the world that is global. We make an effort to embody this ethos. Hence the goal of the little Axe Project will be engage in both the renewal of methods of intellectual and social critique in the Caribbean as well as in the expansion and modification for the range and perspectives of these critique.

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Present Musicology Submissions Platform

Present Musicology is just a respected journal for scholarly research on music. We articles that are publish guide reviews into the industries of historic musicology, ethnomusicology, music concept, and philosophy of music. The log had been established in 1965 by graduate pupils at Columbia University as being a semiannual review.

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Columbia Health Review Submission Platform

The Review has reached the intersection of medication and culture – a platform for conversation on fundamental medical knowledge and its application towards the culture for which we live and work. It seeks to act as a location for idea leaders to convene and develop action-oriented agendas to fight modern and expected social dilemmas in medication.

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CUSJ Submission Platform

The CUSJ is really a professional-level, open-access technology log that is dedicated to posting manuscripts regarding the greatest scholarship caused by significant clinical research or outstanding systematic analysis. Each paper posted when you look at the CUSJ undergoes a double-blind peer review process facilitated by the Journal’s Editorial Review Board and a faculty review by the CUSJ Faculty Advisory Board.

CURJ Submissions Platform

The Columbia Undergraduate analysis Journal (CURJ) is an Open Access research that is undergraduate-run which curates and encourages distinctive research carried out during the undergraduate degree from all areas of research.

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